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Created: December 24, 2001
Latest Update: January 31, 2001

ASA Panel Presentations

Will put up Susan's papers soon. Meanwhile:

From: "Eric Boria"

To: "Jeanne Curran"
Subject: Re: Marxist Section Roundtables
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001

Thanks Jeanne. Sounds very interesting. Adorno and the Frankfurt School would definiately fit well here, as well as other modern writings on the self and consumer society. But, would it be possible to send me a tentative title for Michael, Donna, and Amy separately. Also, for you and Susan - I think ASA submission rules allow you two first author submissions. If you don't already have two submissions, or are not first author, then you should be all right. But for now I'll have Michael, Donna, and Amy down.
Thanks again

Jeanne's earlier message:

Hi, Eric. I was planning to be at the ASA meetings with Susan Takata of Wisconsin, Parkside, and with a number of our students. We are currently working with Slovaj Zizek's re-interpretation of Marxist theory in the The Fragile Absolute. I am particularly fascinated by his explanation of how the ideal subject merges into trash to preserve the Void. We have been relating this to some of our interpretations of postcolonial studies, the role of art in social theory, and a critical criminology perspective of violence. We have two artists in our group, Michael Planck, and Donna Woods, and another student, Amy Johnson, who has a particular interest in how this relates to structural violence in today's world. They're all in either sociology or behavioral sciences. Could we do a roundtable on the topic of Re-Interpreting Marx in a Postcolonial World in which the Subject Keeps Disappearing into the Void? I worry that such a title is too esoteric, but all it really means is that in today's world production itself is a problem because production turns into the production of trash, and there is no way to capture the Master Signifier of which Zizek speaks. This is very much what I think Adorno was saying about the Enlightenment: the very achievements we seek produce their own negative counterparts. I'd like very much to have a down to earth discussion on how much this strikes me like entropy and the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, and how it has major implications for the revitalization of the left. p>Susan and I have already submitted papers for ASA, and wouldn't be eligible for the roundtable, but Michael and Donna and Amy would, if the topic interests you.

Jeanne Curran
Professor of Sociology
California State University, Dominguez Hills