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A Listing of COOL Internet Sites on Law and Criminal Justice

Comprised by Ceylonya Barrett

Rating System

Very Very Way Cool
Very Very Cool
Very Cool

University of Cornell Law School Site
Way Cool site. Great starting point for reseaching any state or federal issues.
This site also has a Great Ethics Law Library. Link added May 25, 1999.

University of Emory Law School
Very Cool site. This site features a good "Electric Reference Desk." This
reference desk will help you find a lot of good information on civil and criminal laws.
It also has a neat little map of all the Federal Circuit Courts, under "Federal Court Finder."
Link added May 25, 1999.

University of Villanova Law School
Very cool. This site has Supreme Court cases from 1937 to 1975. It also
features a Law library on International Law and lists current events in the world of law.
Link added May 25, 1999.

University of California Los Angeles Law School
Very cool, this site is a good source for California Law and some Federal Laws.
This site is particular good for local information. Link added May 25, 1999.

John Marshall Law School
Very cool site; it features a page called "Cyberspace Law,"
which is an index of links to other great legal sites.
Link added May 25, 1999.

This site is an on-line legal newspaper. A lot information on current events
in California can be found here. Be sure to check out the Affiliated Sites
for other states and regions. Link added May 25, 1999.

Northwestern University
This is a VERY WAY COOL site. It offers a virtual tour of the Supreme Court building.
You can also download recent cases being heard in Supreme Court. Link added May 25, 1999.

University of North Carolina
This is a very way cool site with great criminal justice links. This sites provided links
to almost every topic in criminal justice from juvenile crime to
the international drug trades. Link added May 25, 1999.

"Can Legal Services Achieve Equal Justice"
This site is cool for an alternative view of equal justice.
However, it is hard getting to the "good stuff," you have to fish through a lot of
pages to find good information. Not a very user friendly site.
Jeanne suggests you use the navigational bar at the top of the page for the
home page and for useful links. Also try their Site Map. Link added May 25, 1999.

A Coroner's Site on Gangs
Very cool site, this is an everything you want to know about gangs site.
It provided information on almost every aspect of the gang culture, from giving a
brief history of gangs to translating graffiti.
Link added May 25, 1999.

NCIA Crime Rate Stats - How to Read
NCIA Home Page
This site is titled "Everything you should know about the criminal justice system."
The title speaks for itself. Link added May 25, 1999.

The White House
This is a good site regarding the happenings at the White House.
It also has a great virtual library with direct link to federal services departments.
Link added May 25, 1999.



This site will let you look at the wills of famous people. For example Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, Benjamin Franklin and rock star Jerry Garcia. It's a cool site if you like to be nosey like me.

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