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Projects Created by Us

The Study we did for the Turkish University at the beginning of the semester
is being published. All of you who took part need to be sure you are
appropriately acknowledged in our records for publication reasons. jeanne

Michael Rummler's Project: Java for Dear Habermas
Notice that Mike got it to work, and I still can't. Congratulations, Mike! jeanne

Stories from Those of Us for Whom
School Means Overcoming Challenge

Start of our Challenge Support Section in a Project by Regina and Barbara

THANK YOU by jeanne
The Chalice of Tribute by Jasmine
Oneness by Honor
Honor, A Site for You! jeanne

Janus by Arthur
The Violent Minority by Keith
The Veil in Muslim Attire by Jim

Snow by Elise
A Project by one of our KIDS for the KIDS' Page

Psychology: Graduate Schools and Careers by Al
Since SOCIOLOGY IS THE BEST we thought we'd be generous and offer
this project Al did for Psychology students.
Sociology students, WHERE ARE YOU???
Cyberdating by Jennifer
A project created in HTML by one of our students
with Internet experience on an issue that concerns us all.
Project Going Up by Kerri
Krri has just sent in a story to go with this painting for the KIDS' page.

Project Proposals

  1. Project to gather sites and information relating to children.

    1. Foster Children

      Several students have expressed an interest in describing the access provided by the Web to information on foster children. The following links are suggested as good starting places. Note that there are stories on these sites. Because our site is narrative, it would be good to note for us where such stories occur, and to perhaps offer summaries and comments. Group them in some meaningful way.

      The Child Welfare Forum External Site

      Link to Journals/Legislation/Data/Research.
      Link also to Full Text State Statutes and Legislation on the Internet
      Link also to Lifting the Veil: Examining the Child Welfare, Foster Care and Juvenile Justice Systems - A crititcism of the current child welfare system

      These links should get you started. Then explore. Remember to evaluate all authority. On the Internet you are out in the world, not in a college classroom. You are responsible for checking out the credentials of those who speak, and their perspectives.

      Utah Department of Family Services External Site

  2. Human Services Online


    "For more than a decade, HandsNet has worked to make online collaboration and information sharing a reality for the human services community. We empower organizations to effectively integrate new online strategies, strengthening their program and policy work on behalf of people in need."

    webclipper publications

  3. Registering Dear Habermas in all the places and with all the search engines that would provide easy access to it.

    Web Site on How to Keep Abreast of What's Happening with Web Sites External Site

  4. Shring with Our children

    Several students have chosen for their project to share the issues from Dear Habermas with children in their lives.

    Donna Gathright is leading a group that is developing a children's version of the neutrino story, based on The Particle Garden.

    Daniel Angen is developing the Little Red Hen story, helping us to put up supplementary materials designed by his little sister.

    Nancy Flores is designing new materials for the Kids' page.

  5. I have some students who have chosen to work with pederasty, which is so large a topic, you could end up almost anywhere.

    A recommended start, a review of Ginsberg's "Howl"

  6. Some of you wnat to write in juvenile justice areas. These links might help:

    T. Markus Funk Looks interesting, but I haven't had a chance to review it yet. You're on your own. I selected it because it purported to give information on how to remove juvenile justice records. Well, I did go hunting for the expungement information. Funk is opposed to expunging juvenile records. So those of you with an interest in this topic might want to continue the search to get online arguments on the whole spectrum of opinions on this issue.

    Juvenile Justice Home Page

    Juvenile Justice Web Sites

    Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

  7. Working with Youth

    For those of you who would like to work with youth to prevent some of the problems we've seen and offer a hand to the youth you know or the youth of your communities, try these links.

    Youth in Action Dear Habermas is devoted to establishing a forum for public discourse, and that includes the youth of our community. Here's a perfect opportunity to combine your learning project with outreach to the communities and the families we serve.

  8. Statistics Students. Want a project that will let you combine your statistical work with outreach to our youth? This might work best if several of you shared, but your work will be recognized on its own.

    Describing your community and Worksheet 1 will help you orgnize the project and carry it out step by step.