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On Asking to Reconsider

I have found a wonderful scholastic source for you. It is the Bryn Mawr Classical Review. You will find extensive reviews there of classics, ancient Greek, Latin, and ancient history. Now maybe that sounds a little far afield for most of our social science majors, but I don't really think so. My early degrees in literature studies led me in that direction. I once studied Old Provencal. I find the Middle Ages and Early Renaissance intriguing. And now I have this wonderful chance to share it with you.

We often fuss at you that you are not sufficiently disciplined, that you do not work hard enough, that you you don't take scholarship seriously. As though we all do! Well, in this Pass? or Prepared? I want to treat you to a glimpse of full blown scholars behaving badly, too. I suspect it's something we all do, much of the time, but it's oh so much easier to make it all your fault.

Join me now in scenes that made me giggle. But if you laugh, you must do so in John Portman's sense of schadenfreude, that mischievous giggle that escapes us when someone else get's what we figure is a justifiable comeuppance. And then I would like you to consider these materials quite seriously to see if we couldn't have found non-violent ways to overcome the structural violence of the system.

Students frequently find themselves in situations like this. They want a teacher to reconsider a grade, or a thesis, or an idea with which they disagree. Let's see what we can learn about that from this story.

The First Listserv Exchange

The Second Listserv Exchange

Lest you think the last exchange was atypical and rare, behold this exchange. The subject this time is Philipp W. Rosemann's Understanding Scholastic Thought with Foucault. And I'll bet you thought you wouldn't be able to relate to the Classics at all.

Now just for fun, go read the review of the 14th Century Noblewoman. I also got that one on July 10, 2000. Actually, I'm going to put this one up on Mind Candy: The Academy.

    July 10, 2000. Rosemann on Metzger on Rosemann
    This exchange won't be up on the site for a week or so, but I'll add the links as soon as it is. Nag me. jeanne