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Created: February 22, 2002
Latest Update: February 22, 2002

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What would I have to know to do that?

Copyright: Jeanne Curran and Susan R. Takata and Individaul Authors, February 2002.
"Fair use" encouraged.

This essay is based on an announcement posted on the Psychoanalysis of Culture and Society List. If psychoanalysis fascinates you, glancing over announcements like this, even if you're not prepared to waltz off to Sheffield, England, can be of remarkable use in gaining an idea of what people interested in the field are doing, and what they might expect you to know if you want a future in that field.

Look at the clues provided by their description of one of their core courses: they would expect you to have at least enough understanding of the unconscious, defense mechanisms, and the Oedipus complex to carry on a reasonable conversation. It would be uncool if one of them asked you about new issues with the Oedipus complex to reply "What Oedipus complex?" So, if you've been thinking you can't really prepare for an interview, wrong. Find clues like those in this announcement, and then be sure that you know those issues which seem to matter to the organization that's interviewing you.

On Friday, February 22, 2002, Robert Maxwell Young posted to the List:

Subject: MA in Psychoanalytic Studies by Distance Learning at Sheffield


This established 2 year MA programme has been revised and redeveloped with Distance Learning students' needs in mind. There is an opportunity to follow a broadly 'social science' or 'clinical humanities' based pathway through the MA, or a mixture of both, depending on students' requirements. Each student must complete the core modules and take two optional modules, plus research and write a 20,000 word dissertation to qualify for the degree of MA.

Core Modules: Foundations in Psychoanalytic Theory: Explains the key psychoanalytic concepts such as the unconscious, defence mechanisms, the Oedipus complex, and explores their various meanings within the major schools of psychoanalytic thought, from Freud to Lacan, Jung, Klein, Ferenczi and the British Object Relations School.

. . .

Optional Modules:

. . .

Psychoanalysis and Social Processes:
Explores the application of psychoanalytic ideas to the study of society, social institutions and social processes. Freud's ideas about civilisation are introduced, plus the work of the Frankfurt School, and Bion on groups. Psychoanalytic perspectives on social institutions such as education, work, religion, politics and social processes such as war, racism and sexism are covered.

. . .

Applications and enquiries should be made to Mrs Trudy Coldwell, Course Administrator, MA Psychoanalytic Studies, Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies, 16 Claremont Crescent, Sheffield S10 2TA e-mail: +44 0114 222 2961

For an informal discussion by phone or e-mail contact Dr Jo Nash, Course Director, on, + 44 0114 222 2977.