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Created: April 1, 2001
Latest update: April 1, 2001

On Respecting Others

Why is it so difficult?

On Sunday, April 1, 2001, Agnes Simpson wrote:

jeanne, why do some students have a problem with respecting another person?

On sunday, April 1, 2001, jeanne responded:

Because we live in a society that is highly competitive. To disrespect another is to place yourself above them in status and in what you presume you deserve. That disrespect permits denial of any harm such competitiveness may cause to another and justification that you deserve more than another. To respect another is to bring to conscious awareness that all of us are more alike in our humanity than we are different across nations, across races, across beliefs, and across gender. I believe that both Fellman and Henry and Milovanovic would classify respect as leading to a more humane community and closer to the paradigm shift that we seek.

love and peace, jeanne