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Created: April 13, 2001
Latest update: April 13, 2001

Finding a Forum, Finding Voice

On Friday, April 13, 2001, Laura Glass wrote:


I took your advice and really worked hard with structural violence and graduation over spring break. I'm happy to tell you that 2 newspapers published my article! I was so excited. What a feeling! The newspaper wants to hear me, but my school doesn't. Seems so unreal. I'll bring them into class on Tuesday.

On Friday 13, 2001, jeanne responded:

Congratulations, Laura. I'm so proud of you! Can't wait to see your articles!

But I feel pain for: "The newspaper wants to hear me, but my school doesn't." First of all, I don't think the "hear me" is accurate. You are feeling the denial as personal, when it is far more self-protective against dissent. We need an intransitive verb there: hear.

Look again at Tim Wise's White Denial and School Shootings. And also his The Trouble with Tolerance