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Created: February 21, 2001
Reviewed: March 24, 2001
Latest update: June 5, 2004
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Because we have extensive choice in readings for each of our classes, and because each of us follows his/her own path, I would like to designate certain class discussions for sharing thoughts, questions, summaries of what we're reading. I'm editing past discussions now, and hope to have up well before Fall many of the discussions from the last several years. I liked the way the Modernist Studies Association set up such discussions and think it will work for us. Backup

As we adapt this technique to our collaborative work, you may select what you are reading from any source that you can conceptually relate to the discussions in class or on the web site. Texts are OK. Keep the reading short and your presentation short. There is so much to choose from on the site, it would be more useful if you email me your selection a few days before the planned "What Are You Reading" session, so that I can put up links for others. It's nice to be on the same page, even if just for a little while.

Look at A Survey on Reading at p. 21, for a survey of what students on one campus read. Table 4.1 tells us that in 1981, 31.9% of undergraduate students on that campus in that survey read news magazines frequently. In 2001, twenty years later, only 10.6% of ndergraduate students on that campus in that survey read news magazines frequently. Notice that you can't compare their reading of books, because the survey doesn't cover that in such detail. Can you imagine how long the report would have had to be to answer all our questions? This is one advantage to using graphs and tables in your research papers.