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Grades and Records for Fall 1998

California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Latest update: December 28, 1998
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Final GRADES for Fall 1998

Sociology 220: Introductory Statistics
Sociology 334: Sociology of Women
Sociology 367: Sociology of Law
Sociology 395: Sociology of the Internet

Assignment Keys for Fall 1998

Sociology of Law Key
Sociology of Women Key
Sociology of the Internet Key
Introductory Statistics Key

Final Grades are up. Link to the Final Grade Page for each class. Sorry, but in the spirit of the University of Santa Cruz, I insist on telling you what I learned of your learning. The process took seven hours. I hope it was worth it. (One student in 367 was not on the fourth week list. He was on the class list. His grade was an A. Also, one student in 395 was not on the fourth week list. She was on the class list. Her grade was an A.) One more click, and I'll squeak. Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy (now over) Channukah, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year! And don't forget to check the site for updates! jeanne

There have to have been some mistakes. This was a technological nightmare. Just be patient. Now I can answer your questions about whether I have a given e-mail or not. Before you howl, please ask.

The Key Pages were not constructed until the end as I tried to categorize all the e-mails. Next semester they will be up to start with. I did not hold you to the same exercises that are on the key pages in the Fall Semester. I accepted the ones you had submitted.

The transfer of all the e-mails to the record sheets proved to be a near-impossible task during the period just after exams. What I have done instead is to create files I can quickly access to find your e-mail. I used those files for the grades. I even managed to put some of them up as links. I have switched to putting up Spring 99 e-mails. I will note Separate Knowing, and what seems to me Connected Knowing. I will note general problems with e-mail, such as failing to give facts, or failing to account for a different perspective. As you will see from the Spring 99 records sheets, you can link on those to view a nameless copy of such e-mails and my answers. Find these links in the row marked "Sharing," the first row under ID."

Meanwhile, if you have a question on Fall 98 e-mail, you'll need to e-mail the question to me. I've had to switch to creating records for the new courses next semester. All the new material is based on what we did in Fall 98, so you should be able to use it fairly easily.