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Self-Test on Reliability and Validity

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California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: November 6, 2005
Latest Update: November 6, 2005

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Index of Topics on Site Self-Test on Reliability and Validity in Musical Understanding

You may use comments that let me know that you can responsibly answer these questions as one of your learning records pieces. jeanne

  1. How does the author of Music Appreciation 101, in Mod Magazine, measure reliability?

  2. How does the author of Music Appreciation 101, in Mod Magazine, measure validity?

  3. How does genre fit into the concept of measurement that the author is giving?

  4. What kind of data analysis is the author doing?

    Consider primary analysis, secondary analysis?

  5. What kind of data is the author using? Qualitative or quantitative?

    Consider what was measured and how.

  6. What kind of data collection was used? Snowball sample. Random Sample. Entire population. Self report. Personal experience.

  7. How does the author define "empty space." In what ways is it like our "naked space?"

    Consider the openness, respect, non-judgmental illocutionary process.

  8. The author suggests that there are times and places where we cannot create "empty space." What does our concept of "naked space" suggest on that issue?

    Consider the upper hallways in SBS where we have put up our boxes and cards and flowers and . . . on our bulletin boards. The faculty hallway was clearly neither an "empty space" nor a "naked space." Yet, last thursday afternoon, there was a clear portal to "naked space" in that hallway. What does that suggest about "empty space?"

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