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"Naked space" as Space,
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California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: April 27, 2006
Latest Update: April 27, 2006

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Index of Topics on Site Research Report on the Use of Naked Space and Visual Sociology as a Means of Building Skills for Governance Discourse

The title of our course for this semester was "No Child Left Behind." I'd like to go back and summarize my approach to this course so that you can contribute your ideas and answerability will be preserved. I have been expressing my horror of tests and testing since long before this semester began. Richard, in statistics, last semester noted that tests are sometimes useful. I agree. I love tests. They're fun to take. They're not fun when they are used to label or track you or to stamp on your forehead whether you're prime beef or a lesser grade.

Alfie Kohn.

The Issues: sovereign power and disciplinary power - difference in visbility and manipulativeness

. . . .

  • mevysen: hey jeanne how was Turkey?
  • jcurranphd: It was great, except that it's taken me three weeks to recover. Two of my doctors were there, too, and they said it took them three weeks to recover, too.
  • jcurranphd: Am working on wonderful curriculum for community. Check out latest issue. love and peace, jeanne
  • mevysen: awesome i guess this means you are acclimated back to your old routine
  • jcurranphd: Well, not quite. I'm actually ready to make the first moves out into the community. And I've figured out how to link them to social issues. I'm excited, if a little tired. . . .
  • mevysen: the community transition sounds interesting
  • curranphd: How about you take a look at what I've written so that we can talk about the next step into the community? Are you almost through with your M.A., and have you applied for thatPh.D program?
  • mevysen: i believe im almost finished, Dr Ryave gave me the go ahead for using naked space as a project, i am wondering how to present that?
  • jcurranphd: Well, how about we start with where the Naked Space has gone and is going? You might start with The Flower Gift: The 21st Century Version. I think that's where I started when I got back. I've written so much I'm lost. Do you want to deal with naked space as a concept or do you want to deal with naked space as an approach to education on its own, apart from the institution?
  • mevysen: good question how would it dovetail with your community transition?
  • jcurranphd: naked space is very much aligned with the concept of answerability and permission to engage in answerability without suppression and/or exploitation; but the institution is riddled by institutional discrimination which silences. Naked space as an approach to liberal education for any and all who wish to learn provides a forum in the community for answerability. That provides a forum for picking up on the joy of learning as a self-motivated activity and tool. The theory of Dear Habermas is that once people have experienced the joy of learning, they will learn, despite teaching method, teacher, whatever. I think Freire would go along with that.
  • jcurranphd: No, naked space is a place, not necessarily a place in dimensions we recognize, but a place, created by our community of
  • mevysen: so naked space would be the vehicle ? thought and discourse.I guess one way of saying that is "virtual space." Within that space we can free answerability. The vehicle, if I understand what you're asking, is the illocutionary discourse through which we sponsor answerability. The end point is the discovery and development of skills needed to express voice effectively in modern governance.
  • jcurranphd: Now I'm heading into philosophy and theory, so I'm gonna set up a Dear Habermas page for us so we can all play, and I won't have to try to remember what I said.


    Discussion Questions

    1. Is that reference to Other Dimensional serious?

      Yes. It's not a space message - I'm not expecting aliens wandering about in other dimensions, but I do believe there are "many ways of being" in a space or dimension. And I believe that that concept is important to my understanding of naked space.

      I insist that we clear the space between us, in a quasi-circle formation, as much for the iconology of free space as for the ease that offers in letting us face one another. For me, there is something importantly symbolic about space acknowledged as free. Free, in the meaning that each is respected as having the gift of individual expression and respected when that gift is shared in this special space. In a classroom, I need a circle. On the internet, I need a moderator who guarantees respect and courtesy, so that our virtual space remains free to the bold and the timid as well.

      In the community, I need for our space to use whatever is available, paper, pencil, paint, canvas, music, performance, whatever, and for a moderator to to guarantee respect and courtesy. We are surrounded by a world in which calling each other "stupid" is socially accepted, if not socially acceptable. Four our community forum to provide us with the space and tools in which we need to develop the skills of governance discourse, we need the skills of respect and courtesy for the Other.

      Once the joy of learning has been discovered, we will go on to learn. no matter the teaching method, the method, the institutional discrimination, the greed of the competitive, the meekness of the gentle.


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