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  • Character Education Grants
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    Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2000
    From: Ian Harris
    Subject: character education federal grants

    Character Education Grants  

    -------------------------- Secretary Riley announced last week that 9 states have received grants to form partnerships with local school districts & communities to help incorporate good citizenship, compassion, & respect for others into education. These grants, made under the Partnerships in Character Education Pilot Projects Program, will help states work with school districts to develop curriculum materials, provide teacher training, build community consensus on common values, involve parents in character education, & integrate character education into the curriculum.  The projects will be evaluated to determine their success toward reducing discipline problems & improving student grades, increasing participation in extracurricular activities, & strengthening parent & community involvement.  States are also asked to establish a clearinghouse for the distribution of materials & information about character education.  For details & a list of grantees, please see


    Ian M. Harris
    Department of Educational Policy and Community Studies