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Respecting the Other

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July 27, Juvenile Corrections Issues

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Created: July 30, 2001
Latest update: September 2, 2001


On Freire's Opposition to
the Imposition of Any Worldview on the Other

Entry by Pat

Copyright: Jeanne Curran and Susan R. Takata, and Patricia A. Acone: July 2001. "Fair Use" encouraged.

On Monday, July 30, Pat Acone wrote:

On the July 27, 2001, Juvenile Corrections Issues concerning the teacher who presumes to know what the learner needs without listening to the learner's validity claims: Would the following be one more appropriate response? Found on page 76 and 77 and footnote 12 of Pedagogy of the Oppressed: "the starting point for organizing the program content of education or political action must be the present, existential, concrete situation, reflecting the aspirations of the people. Utilizing certain basic contradictions, we must pose this existential, concrete, present situation to the people as a problem which challenges them and requires a response--not just at the intellectual level, but at the level of action."

"We must never merely discourse on the present situation, must never provide the people with programs which have little or nothing to do with their own preoccupations, doubts, hopes, and fears. It is not our role to speak to the people about our own view of the world, nor attempt to impose that view on them but rather to dialogue with the people about their view and ours. Footnote 12 It is self-contradictory for true humanists to use the banking method as it would be for rightists to engage in problem-posing education. (The latter are always consistent--they never use a problem posing pedagogy.) "

On Monday, July 30, 2001, jeanne responded:

Pat, we all need to know whether the above is quoted or paraphrased. I just popped quotes around it, but we need to correct it, if I'm wrong. Good passage. Glad you pulled it out. love and peace, jeanne