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Notes for Fall 2004 Class

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Created: April 12, 2004
Latest Update: April 13, 2004

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Where now shall our patterns of leadership and governance come from? The legal-rational as Weber foresaw, and Habermas contends, or the traditional, with its attendant apathy that leaves governance to the few, or from charismatic choices that lead us dangerously close to religious wars? This semester we will consider a feminist dialogic approach to the tolerance of difference, conflict, and confusion, while seeking ways to let other voices be heard, without demanding consensus.

We will consider the emotional and the spiritual, in their connection to the rational. And we will ask "what is normal?" Sociology of Law and Social Control Mathieu Deflem, Ph.D.. University of South Carolina. Backup.

Child Labor in America Joyce Kasman Valenza and Carl Atkinson. Library of Congress. Lesson Plans.

Depolarizing a Hostile World, "a book about peacemaking, psychology, sociology and religion". Charlie Notess

Jobs as Counted Commoditites On labor trends and Out Sourcing.