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Solar Events

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Photography of Solar Events

From Solar Soft A link sent to us by Christian Schubert, , a German friend we met in the hotel at Monavgat.

California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: April 17, 2006
Latest Update: April 17, 2006

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Here are some of the photos Christian captured with his digital camera and put up on his laptop right after the eclipse:

The Corona on March 29, 2006, in Turkey.

Total Eclipse on March 29, 2006, in Turkey

Great slide show of March 29 eclipse

Solar Soft: Latest Events Archive, linked from (Recent Solar Events, about 3/4 way down the file.

image from SolarSoft- . . . image from SolarSoft- . . . image from SolarSoft-


  • Total Solar Eclipse: Live from Turkey, March 29, 2006. This site was just a few miles from where we were in Monavgat. The day after the eclipse we went there to buy souvenirs and climb these ruins. The hotel they show and recommend was very much like ours in Monavgat, but our travel agent had trouble booking one in Side, so I booked Monavgat.

  • Index of Exploratorium Site on the March 29, 2006 Total Eclipse.

  • Petroglyphs, rock drawings, and their meanings Site talks about possible records of total eclipse of the sun at Chaco. Many of the petroglyphs are in spiral shape. This gives some clue to the meaning of the spiral in petroglyphs.


  • Total Solar Eclipse of 2006 March 29 F.Espenak and J.Anderson: NASA/TP 2004 212762. On a NASA Website. Good discussion of a total eclipse at an educated reader level. Not for children, though I'll try to get one up for children soon. jeanne

  • Weather satellite image from Dundee

  • Weather satellite image from Dundee

    colors caught from solarsoft

    Sun Earth Connections Forum.

    Discussion Questions

    1. How does all this relate to taking social, economic, environmental, and political issues into our communities to bring awareness of current events?

      See Dundee Satellite Station Images - for Paper for Visual Sociology.

    2. Why would a sociology department want to emphasize satellite pictures of our earth, eclipses, satellite weather maps, etc.?

      Because all these things bring important earth and environment-related issues to our attention in ways that we can all understand them. That makes us all more knowledgeable and aware, a good thing for illocutionary discourse.

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