Our Mission: Sociology in Service to the Community

Emphasizing: Community Studies, Ethnography, Criminology and Justice Studies, Social Work Preparation, and many more.

Our Philosophy: Working one-on-one with Students Preparing students for Careers

Recruiting Students Now for Spring Semester!

Spring Semester Courses 2006:

Soc 101: The Individual In Society

Soc 102: Understanding Social Relations

Soc 220: Analytical Statistics for Sociology

Soc 302: Workshop in Social Research

Soc 305: Methods of Social Research

Soc 311: Social Organization

Soc 315: Sociology of Work

Soc 320: The Family

Soc 321: Sociology of Education

Soc 328: Social Agencies: Practice & Power

Soc 331: Minority Racial & Ethnic Relations

Soc 334: Women in Society

Soc 335: Social Movements

Soc 340: Social Psychology: Soc. Perspectives

Soc 355: Modern Social Theories

Soc 362: Gangs & Adolescent Subcultures

Soc 363: Soc. of Alcohol & Other Drug Use

Soc 365: Deviant Behavior

Soc 368: Criminology

Soc 369: Juvenile Delinquency

Soc 380: Urban Sociology

Soc 503: Sem. In Ethnographic Analysis in Soc.

Soc 505: Sem. In Social Research

Soc 563: Sem. In Soc. of Alcohol & Drugs

Soc 595: Special Topics: Soc of Future

Announcement prepared by Dr. Fumiko Hosokawa, Department Chair
Thursday, September 29, 2005
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