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Guided Interpretation
Statistics Essay on Table 1

California State University, Dominguez Hills
Latest update: September 13, 2000
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Practice with Table 1 of Nan Chico's Starters

This is a bare bones version of this exercise. No time today to put up the full format. I'll revise it later.

What I'd like you to do today is work together on writing a paragraph or perhaps two, putting into words what you have learned just by the appearance of Table 1.

Answer the questions in Sample Interpretations. Then use the following format to guide you:

  • Table 1 seems to show that . . .
  • The numbers in the central column appear to represent . . .
  • The distribution's shape seems to indicate that the variables represented are . . .
  • Based on this cursory review of the data, we could conclude that . . .
  • Further inspection of the labels and the data can be found by clicking on the Table itself in Nan Chico's Starters.

    Once your group has completed the discussion, please e-mail me your interpretation. You may put quotes around these sentence beginnings and use them. Then click on Table 1 in Nan Chico's Starters and go see what the Table actually represents and where on the Internet Nan Chico found it.