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Created: February 5, 2006
Latest Update: February 5, 2006

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Index of Topics on Site Alfie Kohn and Jonathan Kozol on Our Schools
Alfie Kohn and Jonathan Kozol are two of those I remember from the early stage of this battle to protect our kids from the "strict father frame" of punishment and constraint as a means towards learning.

I guess that lots of teachers left the academy as we learned that the academy had replaced love and caring as a means to guiding our kids with rote performance on tests and punishment if the tests were failed.

Standards are good things. But they are not simple things. They are complex. It makes no sense to say that our standard is that you must pass this test. If you do not pass the test, that is feedback, information about you and me and the learning process in which we have engaged. To respond by punishing you is to ignore the information the learning process has provided. This isn't hard to do. One young woman who did it describes how simply she came to it as a high school student. And she made a difference in another student's life that lasted a lifetime. X = Karin (Johnny) > 95%.

How do we protect ourselves from being punished when we have never been allowed the good faith hearing of our situation that led Karin to hear and understand Johnny's confusion? If we care about the other enough not to deny his/her validity claim or suffering, that love will guide us to ask the questions and find what's needed to help the other grow. I'll be posting more and more of our resources on love and respect for the other. Meanwhile, Alfie Kohn and Jonathan Kozol offer solid sources for understanding "No Child Left Behind."

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