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Latest update: December 5, 1998
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NEW Call for Student Papers on Criminal Justice
How Do I Get Started?
Research I Could Start with in Criminal Justice

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How Do I Get Started?

Two projects are currently underway. One on narrative identity in the justice system, and one on violence. If you wish to take part, as a means of developing your own paper, see jeanne. Jeanne. Or visit the office. SBS B-326. 310-243-3831.

Research Students Could Start with in Criminal Justice

Current Progress Report by Jeanne

My work is in the area of violence. Because I am primarily oriented towards the social sciences, my interest is in creating climates in which juveniles and/or adults can relieve some of the stress of the present social structure through public discourse, and through the possibilities for training all of us in the skills of public discourse.

One of my current tasks is a review of the literature on violence. I want to create links to all available sources on the Net, and library searches for those sources not available on the Net. I will need each of these sources and an annotation of their content and focus in a site index to which we will all then have access. Since most of you will have interests that can be easily coordinated with mine, this is an opportunity for us to collaborate. As soon as some of you are ready, I will give you a basic index template, and we can all start adding to our database.

If you're eager to start, while the rest of us are still struggling with exams, try the National Consortium on Violence Research (NCOVR) at Carnegie Mellon. You might try reading some of their working papers to get an idea of how the "research and publishing new knowledge" game works.