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Structural Violence

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Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 13:50:21
From: Natashia Turner Subject: a measure of learning through personal experience

Hi Jeanne

I read one of your comments today in which you were giving us examples of ways to report measures of learning. You made a comment that people were being questioned about what they learned in your class and that you wanted people to be able to report what they had learned. Well first there is so much to learn and so many different ways to learn that if a student in your class says he learned nothing it is because he didn't want to learn anything.

Yesterday(Sunday), I gave into my son wanting Mc Donald's for breakfast and arrived there about 10:45AM. The drive-thru line was a little busy and I winded up being in line for tweleve minutes before I could even order. As I drove up to the speaker I asked what time did they stop serving breakfast. She replied 11:00AM. I began to attempt to order breakfast and she told me it was over. I was already tired from sitting in the drive thru for that extended amount of time so I instantly got upset and told her that I had been at McDonald's before 11:00 but it was her fault that I hadn't had a chance to order. I fussed and fussed and told her forget it and tried to leave but now I was stuck in the drive-thru and had to wait for the cars ahead of me to get their orders. Now I was on fire! As I sat there, stuck in the drive through I thought Structural Violence. I thought about the fact that she didn't make the rule that breakfast was to end at 11:00AM even if you were in the line before that time. I thought maybe there was a problem with a customers order in which the cooks held up the line. As I thought about these things my attitude went away and I began to laugh. When I got to the window where the girl was I could tell she was not pleased with the way in which I spoke to her. I rolled down my window and I apologized and I told her it wasn't her fault. Her expression changed as she probably wondered what happened to me during that time. KNOWLEDGE, IS WHAT HAPPENED, BEING AWARE! I thought that I would share that story with you to show you that not only did I learn but I applied to everyday situations and hopefully to help someone else learn.

Natashia Turner
soc of law