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Structural Violence and the Act of Omission

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California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: September 4, 2005
Latest Update: September 10, 2005

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Index of Topics on Site Structural Violence, Visual Presentation of Self,
and Interpreting the New Orleans Disaster

Blacks are "Looters" and White are "Finders" Dvorak Uncensored Web Site. Sent by Susan Takata and another professor in Criminal Justice at University of Wisconsin-Parkside.

Malika Shakoor Message No. 5721:
"Sins of omission" ...the politically correct way of saying yes racism was involved...and business will go on as usual.

jeanne, Message No. 5736:

Yes, but it's a little more complicated. It goes with structural violence and structural racism. Sometimes the "rules" are set up in such a way that they automatically harm people. For example, if you are an evening student, but there is no evening administrator to help with your problems, you will have to take off from work to come when administrators are available. That harms you; but no one specifically had in mind to harm you specifically. The rule of 9 to 5 does so automatically.

A sin of omission is one in which the harm is done by not taking action when one was either obliged to or should have morally. For example, President Bush didn't do anything to harm the rescue effort in New Orleans. The harm came precisely because he didn't DO anything.

Meanwhile, see Structural Violence Got Me! - Guelphs

Presentation of Self in Everyday Life, Erving Goffman

More on this soon. jeanne

Labelling harms people in the same way. I may jokingly call you by the B word. You may know that I do not mean to label or harm you. We may laugh at the word and use it to shock others. But structurally it has an effect, by calling to mind the gender discrimination, and not standing up to object to that discrimination. See Sticks and Stones: Labelling Matters.

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