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Created: September 23, 2005
Latest Update: September 23, 2005

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Index of Topics on Site Revised Syllabi for jeanne's Fall 2005 Classes

  • Basic Class Information for All Classes:

    Instructor: Jeanne Curran, Ph.D., Esq.
    Office: SBS B326
    Telephone: 310-243-3831
    Office Hours:Tuesday, Thursday 4:00 - 5:30 p.m.; Wednesday 4:00 - 7:00 p.m.
    Teaching and Community Adjunct: Patricia Acone, M.A. (All But Thesis)

  • Resources You Must Be Able to Use

    • Dear Habermas Weekly Issues of Topics, Lectures, etc. Required Reading.

      • Dear Habermas Mirrored at the University of Wsconsin, Parkside. Exactly the same material. Helpful if the CSUDH server is down, or if I screw up and forget to put a file up on one of the servers.
      • Dear Habermas Mirrored site, hosted by Earthlink. Exactly the same material. Helpful if the CSUDH server is down, or if I screw up and forget to put a file up on one of the servers.

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    • Academic Assessment

        We assume that you are here to learn, and that you are serious about your grades as a ladder to job success and choices as well as the general satisfaction that comes of disciplined study and learning. Therefore, we assume that if you fail to understand something, you need another approach or a different tool to guide you, or maybe just for someone to say it once more, in different words, whatever it is. We DO NOT grade on a curve, since it is our job, as we understand it, to provide every possible means to help you each succeed at a competent professional level, which we translate to an A. Our class is not competitive. We will each be better off as citizens if we all gain the skills we are teaching here. Please help each other. Please respect each other. Our greatest pride would be to see you all provide solid evidence of an A. If you want to prove how right you are, or how much smarter you are than others, please go elsewhere.

        A's are earned, not given because you need or want them. So how do you earn them?

      • Consistency, by spacing submissions over the whole semester, or over that part in which you get to participate this semester. By making sure that you stay in touch with us, that we see you, periodically over the semester. By sharing examples of what you're thinking and learning that show us that you understand the concepts and conceptual linking we practice in class.

      • Cooperation, by voicing and showing by actions an understanding of how important it is for all of us to master these skills and your power to aid in that mastery. Everyone has different skills. Respect each other, and help each other.

      • Competence, by applying the skills and concepts presented, and by interpreting them in your own context. Join discussions on transform_dom. Turn in submissions for the learning record, spacing them over the semester.

      • Creativity, by sharing skills and talents that matter to you in the context of what we are learning. Use your music, your art, your skill at story telling, or poetry writing, to comment on and illustrate what we are learning.

      • Courtesy, by showing a respect for all despite skill, character, physical, and cultural differences. We all contribute a lot, if we're helped and encouraged to do so.

      • Communication, by letting your teacher know what you've learned. Maybe you'll never get some complex concept straight. But if you come and show us what you've been doing, we can help you get it right, and you can at least experience that success. And then you'll know, for sure, you should never, never volunteer to work with that concept unless you've got someone to help you. Knowing what you shouldn't volunteer for is as important as knowing what you should volunteer for. It's about showing off your skills, not your weaknesses.

        And how do you communicate? By talking to us and writing to us, in class, in the halls, in the office, on tranform-dom

      • CAUTION

        There is extensive material on each weekly issue. You are not expected to be able to read everything. You are most certainly NOT to answer every discussion question out there. You will be graded on your learning records, as explained in detail below. By all means discuss whatever you like, but I will not be able to transfer all your discussions to the learning records. I will read and answer them all, but the problems with registration have slowed me down. Please be patient. jeanne .

    • Learning Records and Transparent Grading

      Grades are measures of learning. When we have large classes, and we all have conflicting demands on our time, the measures we use take on more significance. If we give you an essay test, then what we are actually measuring is how well you have assimilated the particular concept or theory we have asked about, AND how good you are at articulating what you know, AND your essay writing ability. What we are not measuring is how well you have assimilated other concepts, theories, practice that we didn't choose to ask about on the test, how much time and effort you put into learning in this course particularly, how much you actually learned compared to what our measure picked up, the skill you had in articulating what you know before you took this course, and what your writing ability was before you took this course. In addition, if the test is timed and given in class, we recognize that some of you will be having a good day, some of you will have a headache, or have not had enough sleep, or may be emootionally distraught because you freak out at tests. We make the unwarranted mathematical assumption that all those errors will randomly cancel each other out. The assumption is unwarranted if we apply test scores to individuals instead of using them ecologically, as meaningful for the entire group, but not for individuals. In that specific case they would cancel out for the group. Trouble is, we give the grades to individuals.

      We believe that education exists because we love it. That means that we believe that humans are curious and creative creatures who will investigate and learn on their own, even if we don't specifically guide them in that direction. They learn because it is exciting, because knowing gives them pleasure, because learning makes their own perspective of their world more satisfying to them. Freud presented the sexuality drive as the most important to humans; but he included a broad definition of love in that use of sexuality. He believed that we are driven to love so that we will build social relations that will lead to a loving community that will lead to reproduction of a loving world. He said: "The world exists because we love it." (Jonathan Lear, Love and Its Place in Nature, at p. 140) I think education exists for the same reason.

      Because tests leave out so many factors important to education, we do not give them, not even as untimed take home tests. Still too many factors distorting the measure of learning. Instead of traditional testing, we use essay discussions, hopefully fairly concise, like a few paragraphs, that you submit through transform_dom (our Yahoo discussion group) on topics of your choice from the many classroom and text lectures on our Dear Habermas Site. Each of our lectures defines concepts essential to a basic understanding of the topic and includes discussion questions, along with suggestions that will let you know what we were thinking about when we asked the questions. We discuss your comments and discussions on transform_dom.

      You are expected to participate in discussions on transform_dom. That is part of how you communicate your class participation to us. Over the course of the semester we expect you to submit four essay discussions (please limit to a few paragraphs) of your choice. We expect these discussions to represent a fairly broad choice of the course content. In other words, don't submit four essay answers next week for the whole semester, and then stop participating. Show consistency in your work over the semester. There are no specific deadlines, except that I will not accept four submissions in the last two weeks of class. Consistency over the semester, remember?

      When you are ready to submit an essay answer for part of your grade, please spell check in Word, so that your submission doesn't require me to remove typos, etc. We'll help you do that if you don't know how. Be sure to include your name (first name with a last initial is enough usually) and the class for which you are submitting it. (Also keep a record of the message no., so that if I fail to pick it up, you can tell me which message I lost. Remember there are over 6000 messages, and well over 200 students.) I will transfer your answer from transform_dom to the learning record for your class. I will include in that learning record my response, and I will tell you if you need to add or change something that is not exactly right. Once I respond, you are expected to make the changes or additions, so that we can all tell that you've got it straight now.

      This exchange means that you will know exactly what you need to do if you have not received an A for the answer, and you may continue to work on it until you get the grade you would like to have. That way we all know why I've given the grade I have, and we can discuss it easily. This is what we call transparent grading. Grading in which our discourse allows us to interact as we assess your understanding, so we both know precisely what the grade is based on.

      You are expected to browse through the learning records for your class so that you can learn from each other as you study. Because I post corrections and changes, you can avoid some of the problems your classmates encountered. That is why you must keep up with the learning records. I do not want to have to correct the same mistake 42 times. If you are confused. Which some of you may be, coming in four weeks late, ask your classmates, or ask us for tutoring help.

      Lots of you are new to this process. It's a little scary at first. Browse through the learning record for your class If you are still confused, cut and paste one of the records, put quotes around it, so that you acknowledge it is not your writing, and paste it into your post on transform_dom, telling us that you still don't get it. Other students who do get it will post explanations, and we'll get you a tutor to help. If you can tell us specifically what you don't get, that's going to get you much more specific help. Be sure to include your name and the class for which you are submitting the post. This way, we know you are trying and need help. If you don't do this, we'll think you just split and did nothing.

      If you don't have time to post two answers before the midterm deadline ToroWeb gives me for posting those grades, just post an answer from the learning records that you're trying to use to help you understand, put quotes around it to tell us it's not your work, and add that you're having trouble. That way, you won't get an F at midterm, which can be pretty scary. We'll know you're working at catching up in a timely fashion. Then you can submit your answers a little later. Do not wait till the end of the semester! The posting of the midterm is just for your convenience, and I will not hold you to the midterm grade. You may still go back and correct your earlier work.

      I know it's a little strange for you that I'm suggesting that you copy someone else's work, albeit with the integrity of quotation marks, in the present academic climate of suspicion and certainty that students plagiarize. We firmly believe that most of the students we've encountered would much rather learn than cheat.

      Just to let you know that we're not really all that unusual in this attitude we've included a few words from one of Tom Lehrer's songs. "For those who don't know, Tom Lehrer is a schoolteacher who enjoyed a career during the 1950's and 1960's as a satirical songwriter. If you've never heard him, he's very similar to Mark Russell, except that he's funny." (Tom Lehrer)

      Tom Lehrer's Lobachevsky

      Let no one else's work evade your eyes,
      Remember why the good Lord made your eyes,
      So don't shade your eyes,
      But plagiarize, plagiarize, plagiarize...
      Only be sure always to call it please, "research".

  • Description, Texts, Objectives, etc. for Each Class