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Syllabi: Spring, 2001

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Created: December 28, 2000
Latest Update: January 29, 2001
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I know that some of you have watched these go up over the last six weeks. We'll be spending our first class meetings in the computer lab, SBS A104. To arrange this, and to coordinate use of the Internet with our face-to-face class discussions, I have made myriad changes to these syllabi. I hope they are now going to be clear and succinct for you. I will have the last of them up by Monday evening, January 29.

You will NEED to attend one of the lab sessions to follow the new format of the site, even if you already know how to use the site. If you must miss the lab session, be sure you see us in the office to catch up on site format.

Start with How to Use the Site This link will provide you with a form which you will turn in for our records. Yes, a real, not a virtual, form. I want a hardcopy.
jeanne. January 29, 2001.