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Grades: Spring 2001


California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: March 20, 2001
Latest update: March 21, 2001

Negotiating Interactive Grades

Confirming the Basics

It's time for us to fill out the Grade Forms. We'll work on them together in Week 8 of the Spring Semester. Be sure to get a form to me. Hardcopy! And be sure that you're clear on the requirements. The form is in the Grade Form file, linked below. Print it, and fill it out. And the other files should help you clarify requirements.

Be sure that you know how to use the site, or come to us for help. The Site Map will guide you. Study it!

These forms are designed for your benefit, so that you and I will both be aware of what you have chosen to do for your grade. Because they are an interactive guide, you may change them at any time before I actually calculate grades. Just remember that it won't do you any good to change them if I don't know about the change!

How Will You Know How You're Doing All Along?

You will check periodically with jeanne (jeanne's schedule - Week 8) in her office (SBS B 336) to see that she has recorded all the notes from her class journal onto her grade file. At that time, you can discuss your perception of your grade with her. You need to come to her office to actually see the grades because she keeps them on the computer. You should plan to check with her several times, so that grades are no surprise by the end of the semester.

You will need to discuss your grade with jeanne, even if you want most of your grade to depend on the test, because at least 40% of your grade will depend on your class participation and comment submissions, and your learning over the semester.

What's in jeanne's journal?

To give you a sense of what it is you need to talk to me about, I want to share these two entries in my journal. Notice that I do want to talk to both Reggie and Shane, and I want them to read material that I have put on site in response to their comments. That is the academic discourse. I don't want you to rewrite your comments. A few seconds to confirm that you have understood my response is probably sufficient. But I want that confirmation before I give you an A for that participation. Read my journal excerpts:

  • Tuesday, March 20
    Reggie commented that we must discipline children so that they will learn discipline. Good point. I reflected that respect requires that at some point we stop privileging our assumption that our way is the "right" way, and recognize when someone for whatever reason is unable to conform to some rules. For an A, I would like Reggie to reflect that he sees the point at which this crosses over to structural violence.

  • Wednesday, March 21
    Reggie's comment on discipline yesterday brought to mind Shane's comment on how structural violence helped him. Both of them are introducing two-sided arguments. Need to put up a teaching essay on one-sided and two-sided arguments. For an A ask Reggie and Shane to reflect their understanding of this concept.

One student misunderstood the process. He wrote that he had looked at the Basquiat paintings and didn't like them. Then he wrote again to say that I hadn't answered him, and didn't I want to know why he didn't like them? Yes, of course, I want to know why, but you need to remember there are 200 of you, and I would appreciate if you wouldnd't wait for an answer before you tell me what you're thinking. OK?