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California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: August 9, 2000
Latest Update: January 18, 2001 E-Mail Curran or Takata.

Winter Break 2001 additions:

  • Reshaping Mathematics and Science Instruction Using Real Data
    Jacqueline K. Bowman,Eastern Connecticut State Univ., Marsha Davis, Eastern Connecticut State Univ.
  • SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, AND DEMOCRACY Daniel Lee Kleinman, editor.
    Issues on the democratization of science and technology. How can ordinary folks experience any agency in decision-making on AIDS, on labor and consumption patterns in globalization, on the genome project? One of the contributors to this text is Steven Epstein, whose book on Impure Science we have discussed.

Summer Stuff

This Resources Page will be organized by categories, but on August 9, I'm still just sorting through the categories. Suggestions welcome. jeanne