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Created: February 5, 2006
Latest Update: February 5, 2006

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we learn to teach with love. that says it all, doesn't it?

That is my comfort; that is my hope. I shared my nightmare this morning with Brenda on transform_dom, and then I came to Dear Habermas, to post all I could that would let you understand.

Brenda's post to me in Message No. 9644:

"I have accepted that I am passing through.

"I am like a whale, I submerge into the ocean but I take my air supply above the ocean.

"This world is twisted and the twisting continues, this has been going on since the beginning of time. I can and do make a difference but I know I am one among many."

My post to Brenda in Message No. 9650:

"Brenda, you said that so well.

"I just woke from a horrible nightmare. I woke Arnold and told him the "strict father model that punishes and teaches competition and survival of the strongest and least caring - they won in my nightmare, and I was trying to stop them - to get everyone to understand that the nurturing parent model was the one that should win - or the workers, all the people Christ worked to help will be left to fend for themselves."

Arnold answered "that wasn't a nightmare, jeanne. That was reality."

I threw on clothes and came down here to struggle to teach the nurturing parent - love for both self and other - and for our human condition.

I am comforted by our discussions. Maybe there is real hope. But this is certainly a time for my jaguars.

love and peace. We have only each other. jeanne

Then see my response to Kathleen on how one learns to teach algebra in Message No. 96xx:

we learn to teach with love

who loves her/his pupils cannot deny their answerability. She/he will draw them out and listen to them in good faith, and recognize the learning as a shared task.

How does this play in algebra?

Read X = Karin (Johnny) > 95%.

love and peace, jeanne

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