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California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Soka University Japan - Transcend Art and Peace
Created: July 7, 1999
Latest Update: August 24, 2002
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Template Art Template Art and Graphics for Dear Habermas

Site Copyright: Jeanne Curran and Susan R. Takata and Individual Authors, August 2002.
"Fair use" encouraged.

Sound Comes to Dear Habermas, Albeit Hesitantly


VR Mall
Source of Don't Eat Your Dinner Story and animated gifs and of Nervous Cat by Margaret Krakowiak Rafi's Rainbow Background The 1999 Rose to All Our Graduates
Around the Old House
Homepage Art - Seasonal and Changing
Animated GIFs 1 Animated GIFs 2 Animated GIFs 3
Frogs's Book
Source of checker.gif
's The Rescue Mall and golddrag5.gif is Amanda Penrose's - just couldn't use it where I wanted to. Amanda's Castle

Paintings and Other Artwork

Theory, Man's Journey,"Jolanta Smith, University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Rand Image of Wires
Kyosho Motorcycle
Tax Lady's Train
Okeson's Little Blue Plane
Honor's Oneness at Royal Palms
Appel's Wassily Kandinsky Motives jeanne's Frogs jeanne's Little Red Hen
jeanne's Puffed Up Academic Bull Frogs
jeanne's Prisoner of Genocidal War
jeanne's Now As A Goldfish
jeanne's Little Old Outrageous Lady
jeanne's Chalice Christmas Painting - Children's



Copyright, National Research Council of Canada. Image added July 4, 1999.

Kyosho Motorcycle

These are not graphics free for the taking. They do not belong to us. I have identified their sources. Please confirm with the source that you may use them, and place an acknowledgment of the actual source somewhere on your Web page. Thank you.

Our thanks to all the artists who made these graphics possible for our pages. New graphics for DH will be recorded here for our sanity in finding them, and so that others may see where they came from so that they, too, may go and capture them for their pages, in the spirit of a visually exciting and attractive Web.


Angels and Cherubs at Fantasy Realm. Thanks for making these images available.
Cherub used on writing.htm page.

The following set of images came from Royal Frazier's GIF Animation on the WWW and The 1st Internet Gallery of GIF Animation. Both of these were found thanks to the Biology Department's link to materials from Dr. Lam's CECS 470 class at CSULB . Our thanks to all along the path who helped create such help.

Figurine.gif, Figurine using Motives fromWassily Kandinsky
Used on later.htm. Temporary. Planning painting.
Free Use, with terms.
Contact: Rudiger Appel at
Requested terms on Jan. 17, 1999.
Received permission on Jan. 18, 1999.

Ruediger Appel's Site
offers a dozen of these wonderful animated Kandinsky motives, and a critical explanation to go with. Visit his site. I think the Kandinsky animations are gone, but I didn't have much time. Hunt. jeanne

  • The book icon, "lay1.gif", used temporarily with our WebBoard links is one of the Amazon Books icons.
    Forgot where I used it, but everybody likes it.

    Visit Amazon books along with our thanks: Amazon Books

    TheTax Lady's Rose


    The Tax Lady at


    This rose group borrowed from The Language of Roses
    Thanks to Linda C. Lambert for the temporary use of her rose picture. Visit her site on Xoom.
    Permission granted July 7, 1999.