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Authenticating Learning

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Created: April 1, 2004
Latest Update: April 18, 2004

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This guideline suggested itself last semester when we had close to 250 students. Let's face it, we were having a little difficulty with interpersonal transactions about learning. Pat and I never got a free moment. And that was unfair to those who are more passive. The reason we included discussions of interpassivity this semester. So good learning came of the dilemma, but I don't want the chaos to overwhelm us again in the Fall of 2004. So here's my plan:

The list of topics you may choose from to authenticate your learning is up at Readings On Theoretical and Methodological Background Discussions and questions are included. You may still choose an alternative, if you so please.

Traditionally in our courses, you would have had an opportunity to discuss all these and to confirm your learning by email and in ofice or workshop discussions. The problems with email and my less frequent appearance on campus this semester meant that some of you have had more difficulty reaching me. The Spring Exhibit planning will make up for some of that. You'll also find detailed suggestions for exhxibits on the Readings Page. But for those who need a little interpassivity, you can authenticate your learning for grading purposes by simply choosing three topics for authentication, so you can review. Then come to our office, and we'll pick one of the sets of questions for those three topics. And we'll talk about those discussion questions. This isn't an oral test. We really mean we'll talk about the issue. We'll contribute, too. But we expect that you will have the background knowledge of your learning to take a meaningful part in the discussion.

As always, we are looking for indication that you have assimilated information from the site and/or the text, and that you conceptually link current issues to that information on theory and/or methods.

This leaves you lots of latitude. And it offers us a good measure of your learning. If time constraints for getting to the office are a real problem, let me know, and we'll do this by email.

And don't forget your projects for the Spring Exhibit.

Now would be a good time for you to ask me questions about the process. jeanne