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Marx and Engels Take an IQ Test

Marx & Engels Take an IQ Test from Ralph Dumain's site

California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: December 24, 2005
Latest Update: December 24, 2005

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The following exchange which took place on our Learning Records discussion group illustrates the difficulty of catching the learning that is taking place. Testing avoids this essential exchange of ideas as we attempt to fix new learning in our apperceptive mass.

  • Escobar, Fernando

    Message109 of Learning Records:

    why mention it with ephemeral? the experience of childhood comes and goes faster then we realize, just like the "Naked Space". A reflection of those who were involved, wacthing the children play. That joy can come and go in a blink of an eye.


    But that joy also leaves a mark that is forever there in our apperceptive mass. Really nice comparison to naked space.

    This is statistics. Let's conceptually relate your comment to interpretation of data. When we measure variables, we count and categorize. In that process we are throwing out information, qualitative information that would obscure the clean look we're trying to get a patterns, like the squares. You are recognizing, Fernando, that these fleeting glimpses of joy are just that, "fleeting," so that they are hard to measure in the overall pattern of our infrastructure. You recognized their importance by comparing them to naked space. When we use objective measures and tests we devalue those fleeting moments of real joy, of real learning. and that is the basic problem with "testing." It devalues the essence of the "aha" moment when everything comes together.
    December 23, 2005


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