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California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: May 20, 2006
Latest Update: May 20, 2006

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As different summaries of what classmates learned come in, I'll put a link to them on the learning reports so you can compare them and consider this summary as a measure of learning.

Patrick Luani wrote in Message No. 13118 a fairly brief summary of what he'll take from this class:

The biggest theme I will take from this class is three-fold.

First, Jeanne has shown me how to open to and understand others that may not have the same views as me. To understand where the other person is coming from is the first step of understanding. Plainly put, through Illocutionary discourse I have become a better listener.

Second, humility of knowledge is key. If you are an arrogant bastard, who would listen to you? and how would you be able to share knowledge with others? No one wants to listen to a pompus punk.

Finally, human beings are not unified creatures. We are different, and some people out there, no matter how many times you tell them, are not going to change their views or ways in life. Freud has told us this and to be aware of people that have powerfull id or super egos. I can think of one right off the bat that would fit this example. How about the president for starters? He has swayed from a number of issues which most citizens disagree with him about. Instead of changing his policies his super ego gets in the way and fails to listen to the American public.

Thank you for sharing a bit of your knowledge, Jeanne,


Discussion Questions

  1. Does Star in Let It Happen, as Montessori Might Have Said mention the humility of knowledge as one of the themes she will take away from this class. (Star spent at least half the semester in Patrick's session.)

    Consider that Star said there were many more concepts she had learned but that she couldn't possibly write them all out. Think that might explain it?

  2. Why is Patrick's list of what he learned shorter than Star's? Did he learn less?

    Consider that learning is complex and occurs at many levels. Part of the reason that Star reported more was that she was surprised as she started listing what she learned at how much she could put down. Patrick didn't learn less; he was focussed a little differently. Most of us are. Each of them is talking about the learning in a personal way, that tells us a great deal more about them than any standardized or group test could begin to. And both of them are talking to us. Discourse has begun. You can't get that in a "test" for labelling purposes.

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