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Three Strikes Law

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Project on Three Strike Law Internet Sources

Three Strike Law Sources on the Internet

by Yolanda Williams

Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 11:36:45 -0400 (EDT)
From: Yolanda Williams
Subject: Final Project by Yolanda Williams
To: jcurran@DHVX20.CSUDH.EDU

1).  In 1994, voters approved what is now a controversial law knowon as the 3 Strikes Law.  This law was designed to control the recidivisim rates in California.  Basically the law states that after the third felony, an offender is eligible for 25 years to life in prison.  The URL'S cited below gives background information about the law, the full text of the law, and the specific offenses which qualifies as strikes under the law.

Mullins, Jerome P.  1998.  "The Three 'Strikes and You're Out' Law."  California
Criminal Law Observer.  Available at:            

Criminal Law Observer     

  Willilams, Bill J.  1998.  "Backgrounds of Californias Three Strikes Law."             

2).  There are several reasons why California's 3 Strikes Law should be repealed.  The most obvious is that minorities, African Americans and Latinos specifically, have been and will continue to be disproportionately represented in the application of the law.  In Los Angeles, African Americans are charged at a rate of 17 times that of whites and 13 times that of whites in San Francisco.  Another reason for revoking this law is that voters in 1994 were under the impression that only violent felonies would be considered as strikable offenses.  The law has changed some what from it's intent in 1994 to include any felony for the third offense, juvenile adjudications, serious felonies, and violent felonies.  Many organizations such as the ACLU and Families to Amend California's 3 Stikes has taken an Habermasian approach to this issue by staging agendas of discourse to get their voices heard.  They have asked for the public to organize and force our legislators to bring forth a new initiative on the upcoming ballot amending the original law of 1994.     

American Civil Liberties Union.  1996.  "3 Strikes, You're Out."      

Braz, Rose.  1998.  "The Case Against California's 3 Strikes law Steal a Bottle of Shampoo, go to Prison for Life."
  San Francisco Chronicle pg. A17.
You may search at San Francisco Chronicle

Jeanne note: I found the article at this link through search of chronicle for 1998: article here
but the link won't work for me. So you may have to get this one by an actual search of the archives. Good practice. jeanne     

Families to Amend California's 3 Strikes.  1998. 
"3-Strikes is Applied Disproportionately to Minorities, Poor and Particular Counties."      

Miller, Mark.  1996.  "California's '3 Strikes Law' Jails Cannabis Users."
          Magazine Rack Highwitness News Vol. 252.              

"The Crisis."