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Created: March 2, 2005
Latest Update: March 2, 2005

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We seem to be on the verge of a post-modern version of an emerging social infrastructure in which there may well be only investors and workers, and in which the wealth shall go to the investors, with few safey nets provided to the workers, who are considered "responsible" for their own welfare through diligent savings and hard work. The tax structure that President Bush is proposing is oriented in that direction, as are the attacks on safety nets seen in health care, social security, pension funds, and No child Left Behind testing.

In a New York Times article on Wednesday, March 2, 2005, Erin E. Arvedlund comments on this perceived emeging infrastructure: Investors of the World, Here's the Word on Putin Inc., at p. A4. Backup.

It's hard, as we try to stay on top of current events. So much of so much importance is going on all at once, and most of us, as workers, are living fast-paced exhausting lives. One of the objectives of Dear Habermas is to help us stay on top of at least some of the issue. This morning the times caught my attention with the juxtaposition of "investors and Putin Inc." The United States is currently engaged in choosing the next president of the world band. "Putin Inc." sounds like what's going on in the corporate turn in Russia where Putin just renationalized one of its largest private oil fields and auctioned it off to a state-involved entity never heard of before.

Lots of tidbits in here you'll want to be "up" on:

  • "In recent weeks, President Vladimir V. Putin's politics have generated most of the worry in the West. He has been cutting welfare benefits for veterans and pensioners, clamping down on free media and meddling in the Ukrainian election. Even President Bush, who badly needs the Kremlin's cooperation in combating terrorism, the spread of nuclear weapons and narcotics trafficking, gently chided Mr. Putin about maintaining democratic standards when the two met in Bratislava last week." (Source: Backup. First paragraph.

  • The World Bank - definition.

  • Current selection of World Bank President - The United States selects the World Bank President, and Europe selects the President of the World Monetary Fund. The U.S. (Bill Clinton) "blocked the appointment of Cail Koch Weser, the German candidate to head the International Monetary Fund." from Backup of NY Times article on the Presidency of the World Bank on Wednesday, March 2, 2005.

  • What do we mean by "nationalization," "renationalization," and "privatization"?

    "Illarionov [a Russian official until recently supportive of Putin] was being colorful," said John Litwack, head of the Moscow office of the World Bank. "But if that is the new model - to destroy assets, expropriate the company and put the industrialist in jail - and if it's repeated, that's different than just renationalization. That's an environment more like the third world." (Source: Backup. Scroll down the file about two inches.)

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