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Created: April 11, 2004
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Most of you know my fondness for Readings in Social Theory from the Classic Tradition to Post-Modernism, by James Farganis. you should know my biases as I deal with these study topics. Biases are always reflected in our perspective. Most of the time I can best be described as radical left with a heart that would love to be a conservative, if I could just stand the hypocrisy. (The hypocrisy that capitalism doesn't exploit people in an unjust manner, that is.) That means that I don't believe that markets are really free, now or ever, that I believe that bad things happen to good people, and that we need society-level safety nets for them that don't depend on privatization and profit, that we are all fascinating creatures as humans and capable of governing ourselves and living a just and enjoyable life, and that I recognize that there are some really bad and stupid people out there who do some really bad and stupid things, except that I don't think any group, including intellectuals, Christians, Muslims, etc., has a corner on the ability to be bad and stupid.

There are lots of other things that influence my thinking, like feminism, art theory and history, philosophy, religion, plain old orneriness, and a childhood of poverty and rejection for all the same reasons those things happen to other people. Knowing this, you'll need to think about theory and methods from your own perspective and feel free to disagree with me when you learn something I don't know, or when you have chosen a different perspective. I'll try to balance the materials I offer to help you do that, but that is your responsibility. I have degrees in lots of things. Sociology is only one of them. I am a sixty-eight-year-old woman who has read a lot and thought about a lot of things, not a seer. Be very leary of anyone who claims to be a seer. jeanne

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