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California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: May 5, 2006
Latest Update: May 5, 2006

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Yahoo has been making a great deal of improvements lately. Now you can follow a thread backwards up to the previous message it is responding to, as well as following it down to the messages hat refer back to it later. Check it out in the instructions below.

Instruction Questions

  1. Reading all your messages together, so I have access to your production on transform_dom.

    The problem I had last semester when trying to pull up all your messages together has been resolved. All I need to do that is that you sign in my little black book what ID name you use on our group, and by typing that in the search box, I can find all your messages. That's all I need to review your participation on transform_dom. Problem solved. jeanne

  2. How do you find all the messages on a given subject line on transform_dom? For those of you who are learning your way around Yahoo, if you copy the subject line into the search box, Yahoo will give you all the messages with that subject line. Helps to learn these little tricks.

  3. What's the problem with all caps?

    First, there is an internet understanding that ALL CAPS is kind of like screaming to get your attention. We use Eek! in the subject line to get each other's attention.

    To tranfer a dialog or part of a dialog to one of our discourse threads on Dear Habermas for permanent archiving, I'm forced to type the whole message over in small letters. Wastes time. Makes me unhappy. jeanne

    How do you go up and down a thread to read just the messages that apply to that topic?

    To go up the thread, click on Up Thread, which appears just above the menu bar on the message when you go to it's screen to read the whole message. Up Thread will take you to the message being answered.

    To go down the thread, scroll to the bottom of the message and click on any of the messages listed there as having responded to the message you started with.

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