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Created: April 31, 2005
Latest Update: April 3, 2005

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Template to fix error from external to main tech site. This means how to fix from UWP or from one of you alerting me to an error:

Open an e-mail to jeanne: Cut and paste the template for error information, and then cut and paste the choice of whether the error was fixed at UWP or needs to be fixed locally. Then send the e-mail to jeanne: Thanks. jeanne

* * * * *
Template for Error Correction to Mirror Sites

  • File name:
  • Specific error on file:

Then cut and paste one of the following two choices that tell me whether Susan has fixed the error or whether I have to fix it.

  • Error fixed at UWP (Susan only can do this.): Error fixed: copy to local, csudh, and habermas.


  • Error needs to be locally fixed: fix, copy to local, csudh, and habermas.
    * * * * *
  • Sample of how to fill out the the information on file that has error and nature of specific error so I can understand it. jeanne

    • File name: example: default.htm
    • Specific error on file: example: link to jcls2311htm - forgot period.

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