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Created: August 18, 2003
Latest Update: August 19, 2003

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Jeanne Curran, Ph.D., Esq.
Office: SBS-B326
Telephone: 310-243-3831
Office Hours: TWTh 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.;
evenings, before and after class
Teaching and Research Associate: Patricia Acone, A.B.T.



Text, Author or Editors.TEXT TITLEPublisher. Date. ISBN: Required. or Recommended.

Course Objectives:

  • To provide an experiential forum for civil discourse.
  • To select social issues of import to us for discussion of validity claims.
  • To review the priniciples of both legal advocacy and legal reasoning.
  • To review the principles of ethics and legitimacy in the system of law.
  • To produce collaboratively essays on the social issues chosen to serve as textual information for those to whom we present our discourse.
  • To produce an actual forum in which to present our civil discourse as a model for other students and community leaders.
    • Forum presentation at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences in March 2003 for sharing the model with colleagues.
    • Forum presentation at the university for sharing the model with students.

Grading and Suggested Measures of Learning:

  • Using Common Sense:

    Permission to enroll in this course is premised on upper division status, rendering you capable of performing competently. However, I recognize that crises occur and that you have many conflicting demands as students, family members, and workers. Please remember that A's are earned, not given for the status characteristic of "being a good student who could get an A if he/she made the effort." One way to deal with such crises effectively is to be sure that I know when they are happening. Because most of my lectures and your practice are on the site, it's easier to make up missed time over conflicts than you might think.

    Nota bene: If you have the flu, please don't come and give it to the rest of us. We'll help you catch up when you're well. I lost three weeks to flu this summer. The bugs are getting stronger and more resistant to medication. If I lose three weeks during classes, you'll be left with a substitute.

    If you haven't slept, and are falling asleep from exhaustion, please stay home and sleep. Sleep deprivation is a very real problem. We all drive freeways to get here, and go home often late at night. You can kill yourself and others that way. Please don't.

    I do not give specific deadlines, because I want you to use your common sense and your own discipline to study effectively. All work can be made up within university limits.

  • Our Standards:

Plausible Schedule for Readings and Activities:

  1. Week of August 26: T and Th Aug 27 and 29.

  2. Week of September 2 T and Th Sept 3 and 5
    Academic Calendar reports that Tuesday, September 3, 2002 is a Labor Day Holiday - school closed.

  3. Week of September 9

  4. Week of September 16

  5. Week of September 23

  6. Week of September 30

  7. Week of October 7

  8. Week of October 14

  9. Week of October 21

  10. Week of October 28

  11. Week of November 4

  12. Week of November 11

  13. Week of November 18

  14. Week of November 25

  15. Week of December 2

  16. Week of December 9

  17. Week of December 16

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Footnote 1. Esq. means Esquire, and is sometimes used to indicate that you are a member of the Bar.
jeanne is a member of the California Bar.