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Visual Learning

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Created: January 2, 2002
Latest update: January 2, 2002

The Visual Component of Learning

We tend to overemphasize the importance of words. When a witch hurls a curse, it hurts. Curses can scratch, bite, and bruise. But maybe the more important thing is how she got to be a witch and why she needs to hurt you. Or how he got to be a warlock and why he wants to hurt you. Check out the discussion on transform_dom about the origin of witches and our perspective on All Soul's Day Eve. Day of the Dead, though it involves cadavers, involves dancing and joyful cadavers who are home for a day to celebrate with a family that welcomes them and spreads out wonderful sweets and dances through the celebration. Halloween is scary. We need to have a couple of boxes: One for Halloween, one for Day of the Dead.

What does the difference in visual presentation


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