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  • Women, Poverty, and AIDS : Sex, Drugs, and Structural Violence
    (Series in Health and Social Justice)
    by Paul Farmer (Editor), Margaret Connors (Editor), Janie Simmons (Editor)
  • Theory Annotations on Dear Habermas
  • Jordan Rejects New Law on Honor Killings
    "Jordan rejects honor killings law AMMAN, Jordan (AP) - Jordan's parliament Wednesday rejected for the second time in two months a draft law proposing harsher punishment for the widespread practice of killing women perceived to have shamed their families. The rejection came by a vote in the Lower House of Parliament. Lawmakers present in the session did not cite a reason for their persisting refusal, which reflects the overwhelming indifference toward honor killings in Jordan's male dominated society. Deleting the article would make honor killings equal to any other killing, punishable by up to life in prison.

    And response: "Yes, particularly since the US Immigration and Naturalization Service -- backed by conservative anti-immigration groups -- recently turned down an asylum application by a Jordanian woman facing almost certain death from her family members if she is forced to return.  Her case is currently on appeal in US courts."

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  • Stedelijk Museum Net Art
    Link to Net Art.

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  • Link to Lucebert's mother and child, 1961. Mother and Child Lucebert, 1961. Stedelijk Museum. Amsterdam. Link to archives, then to The Presentation (third from last on the list), then to artworks. Then scroll all the way to the right. Old links, many not working:
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