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What's Required?

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Latest update: February 20, 2000
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Rudiger Appel's Kandinsky FigurinenThat You Take an Active Role
in the Measurement of Your Own Learning

Our requirements are based on a commitment to the abolition of structural violence in education. What we mean by structural violence is rules and specialization that harm those who cannot be easily categorized and whose local narratives do not fit the metanarrative upon whose unstated assumptions the metanarrative was constructed. To teach non-violently requires that teachers once again find ways to construct measures of learning that are worked out interdependently with students as they learn. In order to work interdependently we must, both teacher and student, listen to one another in good faith .

  • Social Bonding in the Learning Process
  • Bonding is important in the learning process, particularly at the undergraduate level, where such bonding is about beginning professional and civic careers. New technology permits us to communicate when we cannot be in the same place at the same time. But the the bonding process is not thereby materially altered. We still need to be sure the process is interdependent, that we actually attach a sense of who we are to that bonding, and that the process be dialogic. To this end we have required:

    • Extension of communication possibilities through e-mail and the Dear Habermas site.
    • Continuity in contact, so that we have some sense of your learning progress even when we are not in face to face contact.
    • Emphasis on communicating what is of interest to you, and on working to do that in dialogic exchange.
    • Face to face interaction whenever possible, so that most of our class time is given over to discussion, with lectures translated to site materials as much as possible.

  • Categories of Measurement Derived from Our Experiences
  • Categories that have worked most effectively for us:

    • Baseline Participation
    • Recording through e-mail the online and hardcopy materials you have prepared. This gives us all a factual basis for assumptions on our shared knowledge of course materials.

    • Readings for which we plan discussions are linked from the schedule, and listed in Preparation Materials. We ask that you record prepared or pass for these. Not recording your preparation will result in our conclusion that you did not prepare, and did not report that as a pass (meaning that you are not staying in touch).

    • Keeping current with new material up on the class page, and with the preparation materials. Because the site is growing, it is essential that you check preparation materials regularly and check for What's New, both on the site and for your class.

    • Participation that Provides Measurement of Learning for Individual Grade
      • Comments on annotations
      • Comments on interactive projects
      • Contributions (documented by summary comments) to workshop and to threaded discussions
      • Participation (documented) in interactive projects
      • Work on professional presentations
      • Dialog with e-mail group and teacher
      • Interactive work on final report of learning
      • Other. The site offers many suggestions. And you may freely discover other measures that work for you.
      • NO TERM PAPERS! jeanne considers them structurally violent, like tests.

  • Turning the Project of What's Required into an Interactive Project
  • This file is an active one. We request that you join us in serious consideration of what is and should be required.

    E-Mail jeanne.