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Week of August 28, 2000
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  • Special course options through Dr. Charlie Notess' Distance Course on Consensus Building in this Postmodern World.
    • Senior forum members in Ft. Collins, Colorado were unaware of recent writings in the areas of: developmental psychology and stages of faith development, and especially, the concepts Postmodernism and the "Social Constructions of Reality." Dr. Notess' "goal is to guide class participants to a broader foundation for understanding why there are such wide variations in approaches to the premodern, modern and postmodern ways of responding to the world. These wide variations lead to polarization and inability to achieve consensus in legislatures, school boards, church organizations and similar decision-making councils. Hopefully a better understanding of these concepts will help class participants to facilitate consensus building in such polarized groups."

      Dr. Notess has accepted my invitation to work with Dear Habermas on this project this semester. Because he has planned this course for a senior forum, meaning older adults, not fourth year college, and because he hopes to improve community skills in building consensus despite the mutiple perspectives of today's postmodernism, this project represents an excellent opportunity for those of you interested in building strong communities and in varieties of community and church work.

      We will either set this work up as an interactive project for one of my classes, or provide independent study credit. Either way, I think you will gain a great deal from Dr. Notess' work. Please Dr. Notess, if you are interested.

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