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Week of September 18, 2000
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Malik, Farewell 'Til We Meet Again

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post-autistic economics newsletter
Student Protest over Economics Curriculum in France.
Good example of transformative approach to replacement discourse.

Allies Deliberately Poisoned Iraq Public Water Supply In Gulf War
After Ford's recent admission to lying to protect profits, one recognizes the need
to listen in good faith to such validity claims in the climate of late capitalism.
Link courtesy of Progressive Sociologists Network.

Hal Pepinsky's Indiana University Class:

Indiana University On Course Site
Select IUB for Indiana Univesity, Bloomington.
Then follow Hal's instructions:

jeanne: Anyone can get access to the oncourse sites either by typing in the course no. (P202 or P493 in my case), sec. no. (1525 or 1565 in my case) or in the same "course" box in the log-in prompt at IUB, type CJUS which will raise all criminal justice courses on the site to choose from. Those who explore this way can do everything but correspond on "oncourse mail." On request, I'll be happy to set up anyone as a "guest" like you who can do that too. l&p hal