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Constructivism and Therapy

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Constructivism and Therapy

The reading material for this exercise is in Chapter 4 of the text, pp. 126 -147.

  1. Mahoney collaborated with the editors from Women's Ways of Knowing in writing this chapter. Which statements apply to what he says about collaboration?

    1. Collaboration, though useful, does slow down the work pace.
    2. Collaboration brings gains in shared writing and reflections.
    3. Collaboration brings gains in an understanding of different perspectives and contexts.
    4. Application of theory to practice is best done alone because it requires a thorough understanding of one's field to see the possibilities for application.
    5. Collaboration requires that each collaborator become expert in the shared field.

  2. In 25 words or less, what is epistemology?

  3. On p. 128 Mahoney speaks of personal reality and objective reality. Which of the following statements expresses what Mahoney says about reality?

    1. Personal reality is reality as the person experiences reality, based on that person's epistemology, or ways of knowing.
    2. By Western white male epistemology Mahoney means a reality determined by what Western men in positions of power have judged to be "a rational order revealed by reason."
    3. Reality is reality. It's out there somewhere.
    4. Reality is the same for Western white males, for non-Western males, for females. Only our perceptions of it are different.
    5. All of the above.

  4. In 25 words or less what does Mahoney mean by "active" participation of the knower in the construction of reality? (Last paragraph, p. 129.)

  5. In 25 words or less what does Mahoney say about mind-body dualism? (p.140)

  6. In 25 words or less why does Mahoney say there will be no operations manuals for constructive therapy? And do you think there will be any for narrative teaching? (At p.142.)


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