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Created: June 13, 2004
Latest Update: June 13, 2004

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A Guided Wrting Experience An interactive experience designed for those who would like to get some experience in writing reports or papers. Open to non-students with permission of instructor. If you cannot be on campus at CSUDH, you will need to subscribe for at least one month ($20) to Questia library and writing site to limit the instruction to a reasonable sphere. I can't do more than a few of these each semester, so you need to ask ahead. jeanne

Questia is an online collection of books, articles, journals, etc. on which you can get computer-assisted help with research papers. I used to use a reference citation software program, but it was too complicated for the papers we work with regularly. I want to try Questia by using it this month to write some of my lectures for next Fall. The reason I chose Questia is that it makes all the sources available online, let's you take notes and highlight. Watch as I try it.

I have three projects started:

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