Designated Subjects – Adult Education Teaching Credential Preparation Program


CSUDH is in the process of renewing its application to provide teacher preparation training for the Designated Subjects Adult Education credential along with its application to offer teacher preparation for the Career Technical Education (CTE) credential with the CA State Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). While this process is in effect, we can no longer process new applications for the Designated Subjects Adult Education credential.

Individuals holding preliminary adult education credentials issued by CSUDH can and should continue their required coursework to achieve their Designated Subject Adult Education Clear credential through CSUDH.

Contact the College of Extended & International Education Registration office for Adult Education course schedules or email for information about completing level II coursework and clearing your credential

If you are interested in an adult education credential preparation program, it is suggested that you contact the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) 562-922-6798, a CTC approved provider of adult education credential preparation. Their web site is (left side menu click on “credential programs” to read about or apply for their adult education programs).

For further information about Designated Subjects Adult Education credential, please refer to Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Listing of institutions providing credential preparation in adult education is available at


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Designated Subjects Adult Education Credential program is currently not accepting applications for the credential preparation program. If you have questions, please e-mail


The Preliminary or Clear Full-Time Designated Subjects Adult Education Teaching Credential authorizes the holder to teach the subjects named on the credential in courses organized primarily for adults. In addition, the holder may serve as a substitute in courses organized primarily for adults for not more than 30 days for any one teacher during the school year. Designated Subjects Adult Education Teaching Credentials are issued to individuals who meet the requirements and are recommended by an authorized local education agency to the California Commission on Teaching(link to CSUDH catalogue).

Graduates find employment in public and private schools, community agencies, private industry, health services, government agencies, military settings, correctional and religious institutions, volunteer agencies and centers for older or exceptional adults. Adult Education job opportunities at Los Angeles Unified School District Division of Adult and Career Education.

Adult Education Teaching Credential preparation courses are held at California State University, Dominguez Hills in Carson. Classes are convenient for people who live or work in or near Los Angeles, Torrance, Long Beach, Carson, Compton, El Segundo, Palos Verdes, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, San Pedro, Hawthorne, Gardena, Lakewood, Paramount, Bellflower, Downey, Inglewood and other parts of the South Bay and Southern California. Classes are held in technology-enhanced classrooms in the College of Extended and International Education classroom building, at classtimes that are convenient for working adults.

Designated Subjects
Academic SubjectsSubject authorizations include: English as a Second Language, Elementary and Secondary Basic Skills, (includes; Arithmetic, Reading, individualized high school learning lab, G.E.D., contract class settings, citizenship), Individual Subjects, A Language Other than English, English, Fine Arts, Life Science, General Science, Mathematics, Physical Science, and Social Science

Non-Academic Subjects - Subject authorizations include Adults with Disabilities, Health & Safety, Home Economics, Older Adults, and Parent Education

Required: bachelor's degree with 20 semester units or 10 upper division semester
units in the subject to be taught; successful passage of CBEST; completion of US Constitution requirement (POL SCI 101 or equivalent) or exam, Live Scan receipt, application and fees, and CSUDH recommendation. 

Required: high school diploma or equivalent or GED; verification of 5 years related work experience and/or education related to subject matter; completion of US Constitution requirement (POL SCI 101 or equivalent) or exam, Live Scan receipt, application and CSUDH recommendation. 

Credential ApplicantsAdult Education Designated Subjects
Candidates for both preliminary and clear credentials can only apply to the California Teaching Commission (CTC) through the CSUDH School of Education Credential Analyst Office. These applications entail  a CSUDH recommendation, additional fees, forms and verifications, including Live Scan.  Refer to the California Teacher Commission Guidelines  for addition information about CTC applications.

Orientation meeting  All participants are required to attend a program orientation meeting. The teacher preparation program and credential application process are explained at the orientation.

Program of Teacher Preparation
Level I courses
TED 421 Principles of Adult Education
TED 418 Methods & Materials I
TED 419 Methods & Materials II

Level II courses
TED 423 Supervised Field Experience
TED 417 Seminar in Adult Education
TED 424 Counseling/Guidance for Teachers of Adult Education
Additional required courses
TED 420 Computer Literacy for Teachers
HEA 300 Health in Public Education



    Seminar: Adult Education Credential Interns
    TED 417, 1 unit
    Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in TED 423 is required; TED 418, 419 & 421
    Must be taken concurrently with TED 423.
    Addresses beginning adult education intern needs for working in ethnically, culturally, and language diverse adult school settings. Emphasis is on problem solving, discussion of competency checklists used in fieldwork. One hour of seminar per week.

    Methods & Materials of Adult Education, Part I
    TED 418, 2 units

    Course covers instructional techniques, evaluation of student achievement and the learning
    process in adult education.

    Methods & Materials of Adult Education, Part II
    TED 419, 2 units

    Prerequisite: TED 418
    Covers instructional techniques, instructional technology, strategies to address the needs of
    diverse learners and resources in the Adult Education community. Emphasis will be placed on
    three specific groups: ESL students, older adults and exceptional adults.

    Computer literacy for Teachers
    TED 420, 1 unit
    Prerequisite: TED 418
    Focuses on computer basics, terminology, operation and care of computer-related hardware, trouble-shooting techniques, legal and ethical issues, copyright issues, and interacting with others using email and threaded discussion. Credit/no credit grading.

    Principles of Adult Education
    TED 421, 2 units

    Course is designed to meet the requirements for the Designated Subject Credential Topics
    include scope and function of adult education, knowledge of cultural differences in students
    and communities, curriculum, media and community relationships.

    Supervised Field Exp in Adult Education
    TED 423, 2 units

    Prerequisites: 421; must be taken concurrently with TED 417
    Course is designed to give student practical experiences in teaching adults. Includes participation
    in classroom, school and communities, and individualized assignments to fulfill the particular
    needs of each credential applicant. Evaluation of field experience in scheduled seminars.

    Counseling & Guidance for Teachers in Adult Education
    TED 424, 2 units

    Topics will cover counseling techniques to meet the special needs of adult students, career counseling, interpersonal and communication skills.

    Health in Public Education
    HEA 300, 2 units
    Prerequisite: HEA 100 or equivalent is recommended
    Health education required course for the professional multiple or single-subject, clear credential teaching applicants. Covers all topics designated in the Health Framework for California, including personal health, nutrition, the physiological and sociological effects of substance abuse, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and child abuse.

    For more information please e-mail
    To register, call (310) 243-3741 or fax (310) 516-3971

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