Credential In Designated Subject – Adult Education Teaching


How to Obtain Your Adult Education Credential

1) Attend a required orientation. All interested candidates are required to attend a one hour presentation on the requirements and credential application process. Following are spring term orientation dates; call 310-243-3741 to register:
May 21, 2012 (CN: 30292)
August 20, 2012 (CN: 30293)

2) After attending the orientation, set up an appointment with Ted Washington, coordinator of the Adult Education Teaching Credential program by using by sending an e-mail request to At this appointment, Mr. Washington will assess your academic fitness and experience, and, if qualified, provide you with the additional paperwork and information needed to completee and submit your application. IMPORTANT: candidates for the Preliminary Designated Subject Adult Credential Application can only apply through an authorized local education agency (LEA), DO NOT ATTEMPT TO APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE CALIFORNIA COMMISSION ON CREDENTIALING (CCTC). A checklist for what is required can be found by clicking here.

3) When all items have been completed and are ready for submission, make a second appointment with Mr. Johnson to review the application package. The meeting is brief, and can be scheduled via e-mail through

4) If all is in order, in approximately 3 weeks, you will receive a letter of recommendation (C-19) from the CSUDH credentials office that will serve as your temporary credential and authorizes the candidate for employment.

5) Once the C-19 letter is received, you must complete the Level One course requirements within the first two years of the C-19 issue date. You will have up to five years to apply for an obtain a Clear Designated Adult Education Teaching Credential. No credentials are required to enroll in the Adult Educaiton teacher training courses for Levels 1 and 2.

6) Once you have completed the program and the rest of the items of the Adult Education Clear Credential Checklist, bring all items to the College of Education Information Window (SCC Bldg. #5 Room 5110) or mail to the COE Credentials Office.