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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is on the rise. Recent estimates are that 1 in 150 children have been identified with ASD.  Research released October 2009 (and widely reported on national news, 10/5/09) indicates that the figure might be as low as 1 in 91 children. 

In response to the growing numbers of children in the schools requiring intervention, and the varied needs of these students, the CTC has developed 4 new standards and has approved an added authorization for Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Persons holding the Mild/Moderate Education Specialist Credentials will be required to obtain the added authorization for Autism Spectrum Disorders in the 24 months following January 2010.  They will not be grandfathered in.  They must take additional coursework to obtain this added authorization.  Further, teachers in General Education settings require information and training to assist them as they deal with children with ASD in their classrooms.  Parents and related professional also need this information.  The CSUDH certificate in ASD will be available to these groups as well.

The Program

The revised Education Specialist Mild/Moderate (M/M) Disabilities Authorization (being issued after August 2010) permits those holding the authorization to work with students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).  Individuals who hold an Education Specialist Mild/Moderate Disabilities Authorization that was issued prior to August 2010 will be required to complete additional courses and fieldwork to add the ASD authorization to their existing M/M. 

The four -course sequence as described below will be offered through the CSUDH College of Extended and International Education in conjunction with the CSUDH College of Professional Studies.  All courses are offered in a 10-week format, and the added authorization can be completed in less than one year.  In order to accommodate students from across the state, the first and introductory course in the sequence is offered entirely online.  The online course was developed by the South West SELPA and is provide through a shared agreement between CSUDH and the South West SELPA.

Who Should Attend

The added authorization in ASD is only offered by CTC to Education Specialists who hold authorization that do not cover students with ASD. Tthe program is also available to other interested professionals and parents who work closely with children and adults with ASD.  Since so many professionals are involved with the ASD population certificate in ASD will have value to professionals and families, including but not limited to: Special Education Teachers, Parents, Counselors, Principals, Health Care Professionals, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, General Ed Teachers, Vocational Rehabilitation case workers, Counselors and Social Workers, Nurses and other medical professionals.

Course Sequence
1.  Introduction to the Fundamentals of Autism Spectrum Disorders (3 units)
2.  Advanced Behavior Management (3 units)
3.  Educational Strategies and Assessment for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (3 units) 
4.  Collaboration Strategies, Case Studies and Fieldwork for work with Autism Spectrum Disorders (3 units)

Course Descriptions
Introduction to the Fundamentals of Autism Spectrum Disorders (3 units)
An introductory course to the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders.  This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of Autism, the legal environment in which schools and districts operate, and the primary instructional interventions currently being employed to help children with autism.  The course is offered completely online in a self-paced format.  Students are expected to complete a minimum of three modules per week and to participate in online discussion groups.  Each module is followed by a quiz.  Students must receive a score of at least 80%.  They must also pass a final examination in order to receive credit for the course

2. Advanced Behavioral, Emotional & Environmental Supports (3 units)
COURSE DESCRIPTION:  (Prerequisite: SPE 558) each candidate will demonstrate knowledge in the area of positive behavior support. Candidates will be able to implement a behavior support plan (BSP) in their classroom, to continually assess behavioral change, and to plan for a child’s complex behavioral and emotional needs. Every candidate will know of community agencies to support a positive learning environment. Implementation of classroom behavioral systems, on-going assessment of behavior-change, collaboration with community agencies, and development of plans for complex behavior change and emotional needs.

3. Educational Strategies and Assessment for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (3 units) 
Acquisition of knowledge and skills in using formal and informal assessments and evaluation procedures for working with individuals Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Students will demonstrate the use of assessment information to develop appropriate individual educational plans and curriculum management systems.  Course covers topics related to both best assessment and instructional best practices.

4. Collaboration Strategies, Case Studies and Fieldwork for for work with Autism Spectrum Disorders (3 units)
A collaborative trans-disciplinary approach to developing and implementing appropriate interventions for students with ASD. Supervised teaching in an approved public or private special education program for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). This course focuses on the management of curriculum, behavior, and instruction, and on professional relationships appropriate to teaching students with ASD in elementary, secondary, and post secondary special education programs. The course includes required attendance at seminar sessions in addition to video taped supervised teaching. The course will be team taught by professionals involved with individuals with ASD, including a Special Educator, a Speech Language Pathologist, an Occupational Therapist, and a Medical staff.   The videotaped cases/lessons will be viewed in groups and discussed using a brainstorming format.

Cost to the Student
A fee of $250.00 dollars per unit for this 12 unit four course certificate program will be charged.

Spring/Summer 2010 Schedule

SPE 562-01 Advanced Behavioral, Emotional & Environmental Supports (3)
Dates: 4/13/10-6/15/10
Days: T
Times: 4:30-8:50pm
Location: SAC 1101
Instructor: Tajima
Fee: $597
CRN: 22764

SPE 595-411 Introduction to the Fundamentals of Autism
Dates: 5/29/10-7/31/10
Days: online
Times: online
Location: online
Instructor: Nishioka
Fee: $750
CRN: 30654

SPE 595-711 Educational Strategies and Assessment of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Dates: 6/17/10-8/19/10
Days: Thursdays
Times: 4:30-9:50pm
Location: COE 1426
Instructors: Michel, Esposito
Fee: $750
CRN: 30655

For further information contact:
Caron Mellblom: 310-243-2398/

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