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Communication Science and Disorders Certificate


The Program
The Certificate in Communication Sciences and Disorders is a pre-professional program offering students the prerequisite knowledge that is required for education leading to a career as a Speech-Language Pathologist. Students will be prepared to enter MA/MS programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders or meet the academic requirements for state licensure as a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant. Classes are offered only in the evening and on Saturdays to accommodate students who work full or part time. The program offers students the opportunity to observe certificated, licensed, and credentialed speech and language pathologists in clinical and school settings. Students are trained within a cohort model and are mentored though out the certificate program.

Employment Outlook
Speech-Language Pathologists work in a variety of settings that offer year round, 1-month, full time, part time, and/or per diem employment. Therapists work in public and nonpublic schools, preschools, community colleges, colleges and universities. They also work in hospitals, individual and family services, out patient care centers, and child care centers. Others choose to work for corporations, in the offices of physicians or other allied health practitioners, or own a private practice. Many speech and language pathology practitioners opt to work in more than one setting.

Communication Sciences and Disorders CSD 341
Phonetics CSD 342
Speech and Language Development CSD 343
Anatomy and Physiology of the speech and Swallowing Mechanism CSD 354    
Audiology and Audiometry CSD 355    
Clinical Methods and Procedures CSD 356    
Speech Science CSD 441    
Articulation and Phonologic Disorders CSD 442    
Neurology and Neurogenic Disorders CSD 443    
Childhood Language Disorders CSD 454
Voice and Fluency Disorders CSD 455
Aural Rehabilitation CSD 456

Financial Aid is available for qualified applicants who are enrolled in the certificate program. Please contact the director of Financial Aid at (310)243-3647.

Students must hold a BA/BS in a subject area not related to Communication Sciences and Disorders from an accredited institution and have a minimum 3.0 GPA.

For Further Information:
Margaret Dee Parker, Ph.D.
Program Coordinator
Welch Hall A320 B