College of Extended & International Education

Travel to Cuba This Summer!

Travel to Cuba this summer and participate in a week-long academic seminar in la Habana Cuba with professors and students of the University of la Habana. The seminar will be held at the internationally renowned Casa de las Americas between July 14 and July 20, 2013.

Cuban and US students and professors will together address three basic questions:
1) What is American identity? 2) What is Latina/o identity? And, 3) what are the cultural and political realities that impact on these terms?

Deadline for registration is April 19, 2013.

Requirements: speak Spanish and possess basic Spanish reading skills (the Cuban professors will conduct the seminar in Spanish).

Cost: approximately $2000 (the estimated flight cost is included in this price).

For more information: please contact Prof. Jose Prado of the sociology department for more information: or 310-243-3498.