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ANT 495 Introduction to Flintknapping and Stone Tools (1)

Stone tools were pivotal to human evolution and chipped stone artifacts have been central to human technologies, from Olduwan choppers to 19th century firearms. This two-day workshop is an introduction to flint-knapping, incorporating background lectures with hands-on activities. The course assumes no previous knowledge of stone tools, and it is designed for the beginning archaeologists and for avocationalists. The class is also useful for applied archaeologists who wish to enhance their knowledge of lithic technology and material remains. Students will learn percussion-flaking and pressure flaking techniques, and they will learn to make arrow points and other artifacts during the workshop.

Dates: April 27-28, 2013
Days: Sat-Sun
Times: 8am-5pm (12-1 lunch break)
Location: SBS A-144
Instructor: Reeves
Fee: $281
CRN: 22722


About the Instructor
Daniel J. Reeves is a professional archaeologist with extensive experience in replicating ancient technologies. He studied art and anthropology at San Diego State University, 1967-69, and worked as an archaeologist for the Los Padres National Forest, 1987-94. Since then, he has directed many archaeological surveys, particularly of rock art sites. He is currently director of documentation for the Vandenberg Air Force Base rock art assessment project.

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