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National Labor College



California State University, Dominguez Hills has entered into a partnership with the National Labor College (NLC). Students may enroll jointly in CSUDH courses and the NLC Bachelor of Arts in Labor Studies degree program. Among the special features of the NLC program are the acceptance of credits earned through nontraditional methods as determined through portfolio assessment.

Course Description
This course is designed to help students identify and clarify their educational goals. By preparing a portfolio, students will be able to identify and categorized prior college-level learning. This process will enable students to earn appropriate college credits as well as identify a major course of study. A written, individualized plan will be drafted, along with a personal mission statement. These documents will justify how the course of study will help the student reach his/her educational goals. Students will learn basic study skills tailored to adult students returning to school.

What You Will Learn
Students will learn how to review and evaluate life experience, prior learning and training, and create a portfolio to be reviewed for college credit.

Who Should Attend
Adult learners who have a great deal of independent learning and are matriculating through the National Labor College are the best candidates for this class.

Eligibility Requirments/Application/Registration
Students will need to apply and register with the National Labor College before registering for the course with CSUDH. Contact the National Labor College for details at

Special Features
Build a portfolio to earn up to 30college credits for prior learning and life experience.

Educational Planning
3 credit hours from NLC and
1 unit from CSUDH
This course is designed to help students identify and clarify their educational goals and create a portfolio to earn college credits for prior learning. Offered in partnership with the National Labor College.

* Fees are payable in full to the National Labor College prior to the beginning of the online portion of the course. Students may pay by cash, personal check, American Express, MasterCard, or Visa. Additional fees include CSUDH registration of $50 and portfolio review fee of $200. Other NLC fees may apply.

For Further Information
Vivian Price: 310-243-3583/
or contact the National Labor College: 301-431-5440/